Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ann Arbor Dog Training Club October 2008 Trials

I showed in obedience today at the Ann Arbor DTC's fall trial (I skipped yesterday for various reasons). This was my first time in the ring since July 4.

I started with Joker, my son's 7 year old Border Terrier. He was in Open for the first time, and because of me, had to be in Open B. We started with heeling, and when I said heel the first time, Joker galloped forward. Did he think he was retrieving? Who knows, but let's just say his heeling put a smile on the judge's face :-). Stellar it was not, but he did manage to keep recovering. When we got to the figure 8, he suddenly clicked and from then on, he did a very fine job (well, for him ), even doing very nicely on his fronts and finishes. Maybe not perfect but excellent for him. Sadly, his sit stay only lasted 2:45, so he didn't Q. Drat!

Next I showed Gryffin in Utility B. Except for some steps forward on the signal stand (I think we lost a point there), he did a fine job. Beautiful straight go-outs. Super article pick ups (one of his bugaboos). Ended up with 4th in the class with 196. Someone said that was good for 2 OTCh. points. We're inching along, now at 37.

Then it was Ty's turn in Novice B. She hasn't shown since April at the National. All week, I've been reminding her to BACK because she's been forging so much! She didn't surprise me with anything radically new, though she was not sitting on set-ups rapidly like she normally does. Dave Maurer was our judge, and he did something very kind, which I will sure remember when I judge. He asked if I was ready before the Figure 8, and just as I said ready, Ty started to scratch. He asked "Really?", I said "NO!", she finished scratching, I said "Ready!" and off we went. Very nice overall performance, fine stays. We were called in for a runoff against PJ Larson and her lovely Terv, who had won the class the day before with a 198.5 and had a very fine class today. Ty's runoff pattern was even better than her class patterns, and happily for me, we won the runoff and 1st place with a 198+.

It was finally Gryffin's time to do Open B. Gryffin has had a spotty record in Open, with only 6 Q's to his credit ever and a high score of 197. His last Open Q was nearly a year ago at the Marshbanks trial (granted we'd only shown in Open 2 more times, both NQ's). His class was very nice. Could he do his stays? He had Golden girls on either side, AND Dave Rugulski's Flat-Coat girl Sassy only one dog away. Hurray for him (and me :-)), he did do them, and earned his 2nd UDX leg. We were in what turned out to be a 3-way runoff for 3rd place, and ended up 5th, but he earned a 198.5, which just makes me smile :-D.

A bunch of NDT people got legs of various sorts. I apologize to anyone who I leave out, but I'll tell what my middle-aged brain remembers:

Friday in Rally:
Mary K and Caitlin 3rd place in Nov A for their first RN leg (not sure of the score)
Brenda R and Liza 3rd place in Nov B for their first RN leg 97
Nancy S and Asta 4th place in Nov B for their second RN leg 97 (and I know there were at least 2-3 more 97's, since I was table stewarding)
Barb F and Vegas 1st place in Adv A for their 1st RA leg 99
Sandy M and Tara 1st place in Exc A for their second RE leg 99
Kim H and Libby finished their RAE title
Barb F and Oscar did Adv B and Exc B (sorry, don't know scores, but I think at least one was a 1st place)

Mary K and Caitlin 1st place in Nov A for their first CD leg
Belinda V and Sparta earned their 1st UDX leg

Mary K and Caitlin 2nd place in Nov A for their second CD leg
Irene M and Sera 1st place Utility A for their first AKC UD leg
Mercedes and Max 3rd place (?) Utility A for their first UD leg
Alice J and Onyx 1st UD leg
Belinda V and Sparta earned their 2nd UDX leg (in the first 9 dogs in UB, they were the only ones who passed!)
Adele and Ty 1st place Novice B 198+ 2nd leg on her CD
Adele and Gryffin 2nd UDX leg, 4th in Utility B

Congratulations to everyone and to Ann Arbor DTC's trial committee for another fine set of trials.

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Betsy's Photography said...

I haven't shown dogs, but it's definitely interesting even for my novice understanding of the sport (can I call it a sport?).

Congrats on the results!!