Friday, March 13, 2009

Detroit KC March 1, 2009

I can't remember the last time I showed a dog in obedience at the Detroit KC show at Cobo Hall. I have been there with both Gryffin and Ty in conformation, but I'm pretty sure I never showed Java there, and he's now 12. In any case, in my search for the Open B 1st that Gryffin needs for his OTCh., I decided we'd give Cobo a 1-day try. Except for being a dunce and not looking at the directions before leaving home (and thus went well beyond where I should have gotten off I-94...), our trip there was pretty uneventful. Hauled our large pile of stuff in on my crate dolly from several blocks away, found our benching spot, got everything set up and Gryff settled.

As everyone (all 4 of us) did who showed in Utility B, we NQ'ed. We had order I. Gryff's heeling was poor and unfocused, and he sneezed during Signals and didn't drop. Passed everything else, but had "all the way in the right corner to check out the mat rolls" go-outs. He DID jump the jumps properly, which was a bright spot in an otherwise pretty dismal performance. So no UDX title for us today.

In Open B, also order I, he did redeem himself, although it certainly wasn't the wonderful performance from two days before at the Collie trial. We had a runoff for 2nd, which we won. Too few dogs for any OTCh points at all. He earned a 196.5.

With our showing done, it was back to the bench to hang out, socialize, and talk to people about Flat-Coats. I had Gryffin out several times for the "meet and greet the public" and he thought it a splendid way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I put up a table with my display board that is full of pictures of NDT staff members and their dogs, along with info on what we do. I put out some of my brochures and schedules, as well as some for Dr. Smith and Annarita's Mrs. Doolittle's Pet Sitting Service. I also had a business card rack out. It felt great to see people picking up not only my information, but my colleagues' information.

I'm hopeful that a few new people will head out our way for classes because of my efforts. Before BNI, I would have thought about it, but I don't think I would have been organized enough to actually set up the display.

Will I go back next year? It's hard to say, but it was a good marketing opportunity.

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