Sunday, February 14, 2010

Toledo KC Trials

I enjoyed a really fine obedience weekend with Gryffin, passing all 3 classes we showed in and getting placements in all 3. Yesterday, we earned 4th place in Utility B with a a 196. The only disappointment in Utility yesterday was a sloppy metal article retrieve. His fronts were almost all good, he stayed completely still on both stand stays, his article and glove holds were great, all details we've been focusing on. His Open B performance was solid, but lacking some of his usual fire. It might be he was mentally tired, or that I forgot to bring along string cheese, which I usually use only at trials and matches. I was totally thrilled to reappear after the sit stay to see him still sitting - it has been a lengthy dry spell since we last Q'ed in Open B (I think since last October at AADTC). There were several run-offs, but we didn't get called in for one. I was very happy to be all by myself in 3rd place with a 197.5. We picked up 1 OTCh point from each class.

Today we only showed in Utility B, not wanting to tempt the obedience gods too much about stays :-). We showed early in the class (9:15 ish) and he had a really fine performance. It was the cleanest round we'd had since the Saturday IX trial when he earned a 197 and 3rd place. We were also the first team to Q in the class. It took until lunch time for the class of 27 to finish, and no runoffs (yeah!). I'm very pleased to say we won the class with a 197.5, and 27 OTCh. points. This is the most points he's earned in one class, and it was a really great ending to our weekend efforts.

I also got a couple of Shelties taking a dumbbell over the course of the weekend. Their owners hate the early teaching stage, and I love it. Hopefully the video footage will be something I can use to fill in a few gaps in my retrieve video update.

TKC provides lunch for everyone, toys of exhibitors choice for placements, great stewards and judges. It was a really enjoyable weekend spent with a lot of fun people.

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