Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Goals review/2012 Goals

Joker (10), Sonic (4 months), Ty (7), Gryff (8)

One of the things I love about the week between Christmas and New Year's is the time to reflect on what I accomplished in the year that is ending, and writing up what I want to achieve in the upcoming new year. 
I found my Dog Goals post from late 2010 yesterday. In it, I listed my 4 dogs, and 4 separate goals for most of them: Lifetime, this year, this month, this week. I forgot all about this document :-).

Java: Lifetime: OTCH UDX RE... already there
Quite unexpectedly, Java was suddenly sick, and we had him euthanized on January 30. I'm glad for him that it was such a quick ending. I have a lot of fond memories from that last month or two, when I was exercising the dogs a lot in the building, and he was right out there zipping around.

Lifetime: UD RE
  • Finish UD. Finished in May. He earned his 3 UD legs in 8 trials, failing articles the most, and remarkably, failing every exercise except the Directed Retrieve. Remarkable because it was where he made the most mistakes in training.
  • Finish RE-- April
Coolest thing was getting that 3rd place for his 2nd UD leg, and earning a phantom OTCh point. I'm very glad that I ended up pursuing a UD with Joker. I think he really enjoyed the learning process, not to mention the chance to earn cookies, and it was fun being more concerned with qualifying than winning. It is helpful to be able to tell people that he didn't learn to retrieve until he was 5 years old. He needed to learn some exercises differently than my other dogs, further expanding my tool box of training options. 

  • Get him sound! These next two depend on the 1st. Certainly better, but after a hard month of fall field training, he wasn't very sound. 
  • Qualify for and attend 2011 NOI - he needs some # of OTCh points by end of June. Didn't happen, since we didn't show in any regular classes. 
  • Qualify for 2011 Master National - he needs 4 more passes by July 31. Also didn't happen, but we DID run in 2 fall tests and pass one. 

Lifetime: CH OTCH UDX OM2 MH (VERY tall order)
  • Finish UD -- March 2011. She earned her 3 legs in 4 trials. 
  • Double her lifetime Open Q's to 6 :-)-- Hey, we tripled her lifetime Open total - she's got 9!
  • Earn some UDX legs (I'm thinking 3-5 might be attainable)-- We got 2 UDX legs 
  • Advance her field work: specifically, her understanding of water blinds and multiple marking set ups, both on land and water.-- I still can't imagine her passing a single Master test let alone 5 for the title, but she did show some marked improvements over the year before. 
Ty also amassed 140+ OM points, and got an unexpected HIT and Open B 1st in November.
I think the best thing from this year is I feel like we have turned the corner in our training relationship. As Helen said, she's never before been my priority. She's always been in Gryff's shadow. With him retired from obedience, she's who I have to show, and she has stepped up and I think is enjoying the limelight.

    My 2012 goals for my dogs

    Joker - 10 years old
    Having accomplished my LIfetime goals for him in 2011, he is now the resident retired dog  in the family. Playing with Sonic helps keep him young.

    Gryffin - 8 years old
    Keep exercising him through the winter, with the hope of running several Master tests in 2012.

    Ty - 7 years old
    • Finish her OM1.
    • Earn her OTCh. There, I said it! We'll see how it goes.
    • Earn her UDX. I actually think this will be the toughest one of the 3.
    • Earn her OM2. Haven't had one before.
    • Qualify in a regular class at the FCRSA National. Haven't managed that with her since her HIT Novice B debut.
    • Qualify for and attend the AKC NOI (National Obedience Invitational) next December in Orlando.
    • Field goals are vague. My pursuit of Master with her will depend on Gryff's soundness. I like having 2 dogs to train in field, but 3 is unwieldy.

    Sonic - 4.5 months as I write this
    She is such a dream to train! I haven't started a puppy so young for field, since I knew next to nothing about it when I started Gryff, so I have no sense of how good she's likely to be 
    in the field. She shows great promise for obedience.
    • Show her in conformation.
    • Have her ready to match in Novice by the end of the year.
    • Lay foundation for scent discrimination so she understands how to use her nose before completing her field basics.
    • Get her through field basics.
    • WC
    • JH
    • RN

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    Hey been recently following your blog and youtube videos. I love your dogs and I hope you accomplish all of your goals!