Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2012 Southern Odyssey Days 7-10

The saga continues...

I moved to a LaQuinta Sunday evening (Day 7). At about 11:30 (I'd been asleep for an hour), I was jerked awake by what sounded like a fire alarm. It blasted twice, but then stopped. Since it stopped, I assumed it was an error, and got back in bed. Then I vaguely thought I smelled smoke, and opened my door a crack. Hmmm. Still vague. My room was just around the corner from the front desk, and there wasn't much activity. Then I heard a big truck drive up, looked out the window. Fire truck! Threw on clothes, leashed the dogs, grabbed my wallet, keys, and cell phone, and exited my room. Definitely smokey smell. Got outside as another fire truck and rescue truck showed up. I put the dogs in their crates in the Burb and waited. I heard a few different versions of what happened. As I sat in the Burb, I kept thinking of what I'd left behind in the room. I would have been very sad and put out to lose my laptop and iPad, but I reminded myself I got the important things. About an hour later, people seemed to be going back inside and the firemen leaving, so I unloaded the dog and returned to my room. It took a long time for the adrenalin to wane and sleep to come, but it did eventually. The next morning, the desk clerk said the firemen thought it was probably a cigarette butt thrown into mulch that caught fire. That was certainly enough excitement for this trip!

On Monday and Tuesday, I taught lessons. I managed to fit in some training with Ty and Sonic on Monday, and on Tuesday evening, Debbi let Sonic and me participate in one of their beginning competition classes. It was a nice fit for Sonic's skill level and it was wonderful to give her an hour of training and attention after all the confinement of the day. It was sad to say goodbye to my Lakeland friends, but I'll be back in just over two months for another seminar.

Debbi's husband Roger owns and operates Dixie Signs in Lakeland. A couple of weeks ago, I contacted them about possibly getting some graphics added to the Burb while I was here. I talked to Roger about it on Saturday during the seminar, and he thought it could work out. I met with Casey at Dixie Signs Monday morning, and Tuesday while I taught lessons, they installed the graphics.
I am tickled with how well they turned out, and every time I looked at the graphics today, it made me smile.

I had an easy drive to Thomasville, GA, though I completely missed noticing when I crossed the Florida/Georgia line. I got here about 2 PM, and got a first floor room (YEAH!), got stuff unloaded, then headed off to try to find a place to train/run the dogs. I eventually found a soccer field at the high school. I did a 4-bumper wagon wheel with Sonic, and by golly, she did a reasonable job at it. I only threw them as far as the long flexi would reach, since I'm not taking chances on her being off leash. As I was getting Gryff out to do a drill, kids started gathering on the other side of the field, looking like they were going to have a practice, so I moved and just took all three for a brief walk. Shortly after I got back to the hotel, Dee Dee Rose called me. She had just arrived. She came over for a chat while I had my afternoon tea, then we went to the grocery store and dinner. Tomorrow morning, we get started on the 3.5 day Basics and Transition seminar with Mike Lardy. We have confessed to one another that we feel like kids on Christmas :-).

It's time to do Sonic's articles, feed the dogs and get to bed. 

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