Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Goals

- Be thoughtful about what new projects I take on
- Website
   o implement Paypal for product purchases (January)
   o implement Paypal for class signup (January-February)
   o plug away at desired additions - set monthly goals at beginning of each month
- Do GTD "weekly" reviews more consistently - goal is at least 24 for year
- FlyLady work
   o keep up with kitchen
   o Zone work
- Get back to some form of aerobic exercise. Goal: 100 purposeful aerobic workouts in 2014, 15+ minutes (biking with dogs, Nordic Track, walking dogs, snow shoeing)

Joker 12.5 years old
- keep him healthy!

Sonic - 2 years old
- Show in Novice B for CD and ring experience January-early April
- show her in conformation as often as possible when she's got hair!
- show for last time in Novice B and first time in Open B at FCRSA National in June in Oregon - this will only be possible if she comes in season before entries close...
- CDX in fall
- start matching in Utility by late spring
- compete in AKC Classic in Orlando in Novice - again, will depend on her heat cycle
- start running Master tests with her - June at National if possible, July at Ft. Detroit test if not

Little - 3 years old
- work on skills for MH when she's with me

New puppy - I am hoping to have a new Border Terrier puppy by late spring...
- get puppy well started on obedience foundation

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