Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Goal Review

What follows are the goals I planned in January 2015. The blue items were accomplished. As usual, I was more successful with my dog goals.

  • Website - change payment method. Essentially did nothing except realize that I need to hire someone to do this. I am hopeful that someone I contacted in early December will be able to help in 2016.
  • Incentive program: Develop a more consistent exercise (me and dogs), dog training and other work (office-related and project) schedule. After using this system to earn myself an Apple Watch by June, I relented on the constant record keeping this required. And not keeping records meant I didn't spend time as consistently. Guess that means I need those records for accountability.
  • Reprint Balancing Act
  • Continue exercise challenge - aim for 200 workouts in 2015, with self-reward prizes for every 50 workouts. - strained my right hamstring in April when out for a power walk during a seminar lunch break. It is still bothering me as I write this 1/1/16, but between yoga and MELT method roller work, it is at least manageable. The hamstring and related pains meant I barely exercised in April, September and October. I did finish 2015 strong with 22 and 29 workouts in November and December, finishing with 170 for the year. Didn't manage to do the prizes in 2015.
  • Participate in a 5K - did it at home on the treadmill on 12/28, but DID get it done.
  • One goal that was not on my list in January 2015 was to lose weight, but when I started the Fast Metabolism Diet in February, I lost about 10 lbs and 2 pant sizes and have been successful at keeping it off, something I wasn't when I lost a bunch of weight 15 years ago. I've definitely changed the overall way I eat and cook.
Sonic 3 years old
  • Give her time this year to mature into her obedience performances - focus on her motivation and speed vs. nitpicking for perfection
  • Improve finishes to > 50% correct by working on them more consistently. I don't feel that we showed consistently enough to really gauge her progress. Plus I'm too lazy to go back and count!
  • Keep her sound via a consistent exercise program
  • UDX legs (1st 2/7; 2nd 2/15; 3rd 2/16)
  • OTCh points (4 from 12/14 UB 2nd, 1/8/15 - 10, UB 1st; 2/6 - 20, UB 1st; Florida - 6 more for 3 UB 3rds; 1 for UB 2nd at Progressive 4/26; 2 for 3rd in UB at MB 10/18; 1 for 3rd in UB at Richland KC 12/3; 3 for 2nd in UB at Medina KC 12/4) 47 total
  • OM1 - over 200 points by year’s end, just 12 shy of the Open points needed
  • MH legs - Flyways (1st - 8/15), Marshbanks (2nd - 8/15), Backwater (3rd - 9/15), American Chesapeake Club (4th - 10/4), Central Kentucky RC (5th - 10/25)
  • BUD [Big Useful Dog] award at National in April (qualify or place in 3 different areas)
  • Qualify for 2016 NOC - though if I DO end up breeding her, I would want to do it a year from now, so she would be home with puppies during the 2016 NOC if all goes as planned.
  • Didn’t even have anything about her breed championship on the goals list. But here she is on 12/4/15 with her Championship!

Jag 8 months old

  • RN (2 legs at Strawberry cluster; 3rd at BTCA in May)
  • RA (2 legs at Marshbanks October; 3rd leg at Greater Toledo November)
  • RE (1st leg at Greater Toledo, legs 2 & 3 at IX Center in December)
  • Matching for real in Novice, solidify his understanding of the exercises
  • Matching at least crudely in Open
  • Continue his Utility education, with a focus on Signals and DJ - didn't spend that much time on this
  • Teach him to jump well (got Susan Salo's puppy jumping dvd in January...)
  • Work on his CH (1st major 1/18/15; up to 14 points by TKC in June; 5 point major Sept 25); earned 1st 5 GCh points at Ft Wayne weekend.
  • BT National in May
  • Try Barn Hunt with him - June - he LOVES it! RATN in June & July, 1 Open leg in September.
  • BN in fall if ready (1st leg at BT National in May 194.5; 2nd leg 194.5, 3rd leg 199.5 at Marshbanks)


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