Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Goals

For years, I have enjoyed the process of reviewing the waning year and how I did with goals I set the previous holiday season and setting my goals for the upcoming year. Here are my goals for 2016:

  • Website - change payment method. I have just GOT to get this done, for so many reasons. Or hire it done.
  • Continue exercise challenge - aim for 200 workouts in 2016, with self-reward prizes for every 50 workouts. If I accomplish just 50 workouts a quarter, I will easily hit that goal.
  • Walk/run a 5K in each quarter (at home on treadmill okay), reducing time each quarter. Did the one in late 2015 in about 56 minutes.
  • Successfully raise and place a litter of puppies. Sonic was bred to Heidi Heibert's handsome boy Arrow in December, so I am hopeful that she will have puppies in mid-February. I've never raised a litter before, and I'm terrified at the unknown but so excited about the prospect of spending two months raising them.
Sonic (4 years old)
  • Puppies! 
  • To accomplish anything more on the obedience titles I'd like Sonic to earn in her lifetime, we have to start qualifying in Open B on a regular basis. The sit stay has proved to be a very hard exercise for her, though it was better last winter with all the conditioning work we did. If she does indeed have the hoped for puppies, we won't be back to competitions until late spring, and by then, we'll most likely be back in the field.
  • Open B 1st place
  • UDX legs
  • OTCh points
  • OM1 - she just needs one more solid Open score to finish that. 
  • OM2
  • Qualify for 2017 NOC.
  • Improve Sonic's water blinds. We improved enough in 2015 to pass Master regularly, but they were often a battle. Especially in need of improvement are her initial lines with an angle entry, particularly long water entries.
  • Qualify for 2015 Master National. She only needs one more MH pass before July 31 to do so. The Master National will be September 29-October 9, 2016 near St. Louis, where the 2015 FCRSA National field events were held, which were fantastic grounds. Whether or not we go will depend on her progress on her water blinds.
  • Get some MH passes toward qualifying for 2016 MN.
Jag (20 months old)
  • Attend one off-site fun match per month.
  • CD with scores in the high 190's, with at least one HIT. 
  • NA and NAJ. 
  • Progress on Grand championship.
  • RATO (barn hunt Open title) and RATS (barn hunt Senior title).
  • Border Terrier National in June. It is in Ohio, so nice and close by. I'd like to show him in Novice Agility, at least Standard and Jumpers, Novice B obedience, and conformation.
  • Show him in the Novice division at the AKC Classic in December. But since the qualifying period ends June 30, I'm not sure I want to show him that much in Novice by then. But it does only require 3 Q's in the qualifying period this time instead of 6 Q's.
  • Matching seriously in Open by the end of the year.
  • Matching crudely in Utility by the end of the year.
New Puppy
  • Get him/her started on all the puppy basics for obedience, rally, and field.
  • Get started in conformation ring.
  • Matching in rally and Beginner Novice.
  • WC?

    What are YOUR goals?


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